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Primark Top Picks

Primark Top Picks

It’s payday which means it’s time for a shopping trip!!

I have been searching for the perfect additions to my wardrobe and I was delighted to find that Primark had everything that you could need for any occasion.

These gorgeous ripped skinny jeans caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store. If you ask me every wardrobe needs a staple pair of jeans that you can dress up or down!

With a night out on the town coming up I decided to dress up the jeans with a pair of red statement shoes, a black and white gingham top (make sure you stock up on gingham, it’s going to be one of the main trends going into spring), a choker and the perfect denim jacket to finish the look.

1.       Super high waist skinny jeans – £13.00

2.       Denim jacket – £12.00

3.       Gingham cold shoulder top – £8.00

4.       Red stilettoes – £12.00

5.       Trio choker set – £2.00

Another trend that’s set to take off this year is statement sleeves! To create a casual look for my jeans I went for a dusky pink, simple statement sleeve top, navy pumps and a simple trio chain.

1.       Super high waist skinny jeans – £13.00

2.       Denim jacket – £12.00

3.       Pink top – £8.00

4.       Navy pumps – £4.00

5.       Chain – £2.00

For all the makeup fans this ones for you. These makeup brushes have been super popular recently and I can’t describe how surprised I was to find them for such an amazing price! And I have to say that the price does not reflect the quality. These are definitely a permanent addition to my makeup bag now.

And to top that off they have got everything you need for the perfect contour.

With foundation sticks to highlighters, your makeup will be on point.

1.       Blending brush – Small £2.50, Medium £3.00, Large £4.00

2.       Foundation stick – £2.00

3.       Highlighter stick – £1.50

All items shown are available in store at the Forge Shopping Centre while stocks last


Primark Picks for April

It’s payday and time for April’s top picks/selections, and this month I have chosen Primark. I may have gone a little overboard, but with so many gorgeous items it was difficult not to.

Are you planning your summer holiday wardrobe? I have been searching for the perfect items for my suitcase and I definitely found some in Primark.

I am loving rose gold at the moment so this bikini is perfect for me. Add in rose gold flip flops, sunglasses and a perfectly matching kaftan and my look was complete.

I can already see myself lounging by the pool.

1.      Kaftan – £8.00

2.      Boost Me Bikini Top – £6.00

3.      Bikini Bottoms – £4.00

4.      Pink Metallic Strap Flip Flops – £3.00

5.      Sunglasses – £2.00

Did you know that you can also get lightweight suitcases in Primark? It was a hard choice for me choosing between pink or blue, but I decided on the light blue.

1.      Hand Luggage Suitcase – £21.00

I felt like I needed some new spring jeans and these ankle grazers made the cut. Paired with a simple white tee, choker and I had to pick up a pair of the very popular pink mules that everyone has been raving about. These shoes will set you back £49.99 in Zara, but you can get them in Primark for a fraction of the price, only £10.00!

1.       Ankle Grazer Skinny Jeans – £13.00

2.       White Tee – £3.00

3.       Pink Mules – £10.00

4.       Set of 3 Chokers – £2.00

I seem to add to my makeup collection as much as I do my wardrobe these days and I have been running out of storage space. I can’t explain my delight when I came across these makeup holders for such a low price.

I didn’t plan on buying any more makeup but I couldn’t resist when I saw their colour correcting primers!

Green – Covers red

Orange – Covers dark circles

Yellow – For brightening and highlighting

1.       Storage Drawers – £4.00

2.       Lipstick/Makeup holder – £2.00

(The two sections fit together)

1.       Colour Correcting Primers – £5.00 each

Kylie Jenner who? Matte liquid lipstick and liner for just £3.00! And to finish off my shopping trip I had to have these amazing makeup brushes. A brow brush and probably THE best powder/bronzing brush I have ever bought.

1.       Matte Liquid Lipstick and Liner – £3.00

2.       Large Powder Brush – £3.50

3.       Brow Brush – £1.00

I am delighted with all my purchases this month. I can’t wait for my next shopping trip.

All items shown are available in Primark at the Forge Shopping Centre while stocks last.