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Cleaning Tips and Tricks – Stainless Steel

March 2020

Today’s cleaning tips and tricks are focused on stainless steel.

This is something that I struggled with for a long time.

To me there is nothing worse than a streaky finish on this difficult surface.

I finally solved the problem though.

To achieve optimum results, you will need –

Cif Cleaning Cream Lemon – £1.00 – Asda (2 for £1.80)

Fairy Platinum Washing Up Liquid – £1.95 – Asda

Cif Stainless Steel Specialist Cleaner Spray – £4.00 – Asda


Johnson’s Baby Oil – £1.00 – Asda

Large Oval Cotton Wool Pads – £0.75 – Asda



Make sure the hob is completely cool before cleaning.

1.      Wipe down hob and splash back with a damp cloth.

2.      Apply some Cif cream cleaner to the hob (ensuring that you stay away from the rings).

1.      Clean inside the rings with a clean damp cloth.

2.      Use your damp cloth to gently work in the Cif cream cleaner, paying attention to any areas with built up or hardened residue.

1.      Rinse your cloth in warm water then clean over the hob and splash back until none of the cleaner remains.

2.      Use a piece of kitchen roll or a dry cloth to dry the areas.

1.      Use Fairy Platinum washing up liquid and a scourer to clean the ring tops.

Now you have 2 options –

1.      Spray a small amount of Cif Stainless Steel Specialist Cleaner Spray onto your splash back.

2.      Use a clean, damp cloth to spread the product evenly over the area and the hob.

3.      Wipe away product with a clean damp cloth.

4.      Dry the areas with kitchen roll or a dry cloth.


1.      Apply a small amount of baby oil to a large cotton wool pad.

2.      Wipe the pad all over the splash back and hob.

3.      Use a dry cotton wool pad in circular motions to remove any excess oil and to buff the areas to a high, streak free finish.

I also use this method on my kitchen sink, tap and stainless steel kitchen bin.

Prices correct at time of publish.