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October 2020


The Forge Shopping Centre have announced the launch of ‘WelcoMe App’, becoming the First Shopping Centre in the world to install this technology to address specific customer needs.

WelcoMe is a cloud-based customer service platform solution to enable disabled visitors to plan personalised assistance in advance of arriving at a venue using the app. Providing disabled visitors with key up to date accessibility and assistance information.

‘WelcoMe App’, was designed by Neatebox to address customer needs by alerting a venue to an individual’s visit in advance, outlining their specific requirements and, most importantly, providing staff with an overview of the customer’s condition and clear guidance on how to interact with that customer.

‘WelcoMe’ is already used in a variety of venues across the UK, ranging from banks and offices to galleries and hotels but the Forge Shopping Centre will be the first Shopping Centre in the world to install this technology and will be available to use from Monday 19th October.

Gavin Neate, CEO of Neatebox creators of the ‘WelcoMe App’ added, “As we all attempt to recapture our freedoms the anxiety associated with heading out of our houses to shop are greater than they have ever been, especially for disabled people. To know that you have friends awaiting your arrival who understand your anxiety’s and needs and how best to serve you is unquestionably a fantastic service to offer.  As the first Shopping centre in the world to offer the WelcoMe customer service system we could not be more proud to work hand in hand with The Forge to decrease anxiety and increase confidence”

Paul Wishart, Centre Manager of The Forge Shopping Centre said “We care about our customers, so we are delighted to announce that we are the latest venue and the first shopping centre in the world on the Welcome App, so we can provide even better customer service to all our disabled customers whether their condition is visible or hidden. Being inclusive and accessible is really important to us and it will help us give the best service possible to our disabled customers”

Tom Forsyth and Laura Maclean Ramble Tag Ltd. Said ‘Ramble Tag Ltd. would like to take this opportunity to share their delight and enthusiasm for the forthcoming installation of the Neatebox WelcoMe at the Parkhead Forge Shopping Centre.  This massive leap towards inclusion and accessibility offers to those with impairment in Glasgow’s East End that primal yet so long absent option to come along to the Forge to be expected, welcomed and have their needs and requirements fulfilled.  This is the clincher, ‘nae fuss, nae bother’.  Ramble Tag are extremely proud that both the Forge and Neatebox have included the Ramble Tag guidance aid as part of the facilities available.  The Ramble Tag is a lightweight harness that is secured to the guide’s upper arm by two velcro straps.  The Tag offers those with a visual impairment a handle which can be found at the guide’s elbow.  It is a simple yet effective method of being safely guided throughout the shopping centre without any physical contact.  If you would like to know more about the Ramble Tag you can visit the website –  Ramble Tag truly believe that this venture between the Forge and Neatebox WelcoMe will prove to be a real game changer for those who of us who require invaluable assistance whilst shopping and other activities.  We sincerely feel that this venture will lay a foundation for many other organisations to follow.’

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