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Blue Sky Mobility

We are a family run business, providing home visits.

Blue Sky Mobility provide the following products and services:

Cosyfeet Stockist, Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs, Adjustable Beds and Mattresses, Stairlifts, Riser Recliner Chairs, Walking Aids, Daily Living Aids, Ramps, Health and Wellbeing Products, Mobility Scooter Servicing and Hire, and other Mobility Equipment and Products

We can also arrange bespoke foam products to meet individual requirements.

Forge Shopping Centre Shop Mobility Scheme

Our shop mobility scheme would allow members to borrow a mobility scooter, powerchair, wheelchair , forearm walker, rollator or tri walker for a yearly  fee. Daily rates are also available listed below.

Bronze Scheme:

£40 per year (80 per week ) Allows you to borrow any of the above equipment for a maximum of 4 hours in the forge shopping centre only. If more than 4 hours then you are charged £2 per hour.

Silver  Scheme:

£75 per year (£1.45 per week ) Allows you to borrow any of the above equipment for a maximum of 8 hours in the forge shopping centre only.

Gold  Scheme:

£120 per year (£2.31 per week ) Allows you to borrow any of the above equipment for a maximum of 8 hours in the forge shopping centre plus as far as the Forge Market and Retail park only.

Non members daily rate, £50 deposit plus £6 for 4 hours or £10 for the day.


Membership lasts 12 months and is non refundable. There is strict liability with bronze and silver scheme that if the user goes outside the Forge shopping centre then we shall cancel their membership with no refund and they will be also be liable for any damage either to the equipment or any other 3rd party that they have come into contact with.






·         I will use the equipment with due care and attention.  I will not travel at excessive speed and will travel at walking pace only.

·         I will not use the equipment on the road apart from crossing it.

·         I have been informed that some equipment is fitted with a seat belt, and that it is my choice whether or not I wear it.

·         I take full responsibility for the consequences of my actions.

·         I have been informed that there is a weight restriction on the equipment I am about to borrow.  I take full responsibility should I exceed this.

·         I will only use dropped kerbs, or very low kerbs, and will not go down kerbs at an angle.

·         I will remove the key when the scooter is left unattended.

·         I will not carry passengers, or let anyone else operate the equipment.

·         I will not carry bags on the handlebars and overload them.

·         If I put a handbag strap over the steering column, I will make sure that it is not touching the controls before switching the scooter on.

·         I will not take the scooter or wheelchair outside the City Centre, without the prior permission of Shopmobility Staff.

·         I will not use the equipment under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs.

·         I will not be abusive or cause distress to staff, volunteers or the general public.

·         I will report any accident or damage, no matter how small, on my return.

·         Please take details such as:- name and address of persons involved, injuries if any, place and time of an accident.

·         If equipment is repeatedly damaged, Shopmobility Durham may restrict your use of it.



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Opening Hours

Monday9am - 5pm
Tuesday9am - 5pm
Wednesday9am - 5pm
Thursday9am - 5pm
Friday9am - 5pm
Saturday9am - 5pm
Sunday11am - 4pm