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Elf Jingles Adventures

December 2020

Good Morning Everyone, my name is Jingles, it’s Christmas time again, my favourite time of year Today I have woken up inside The Forge Shopping Centre 24 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS Follow my journey through the Forge in time for the big day – will I be naughty or nice this holiday season? Remember I report everything I see back to Santa – so keep being good boys & girls and we will have lots of fun together!

23 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS What did Jingles get up to last night? When Santa is away the elves will play. Jingles was caught fishing parcels out of the pond at Santa’s Grotto last night, and now the elves at the North Pole are working extra hard to get more parcels to Santa’s Grotto before it reopens on 12th December!

22 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS. What a naughty elf Jingles was last night, look at the cornflake mess left behind after Jingles made cornflake angels. Who is going to clean up this mess Jingles?


21 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! Can you find Jingles in today’s photo? Someone has been playing hide & seek during the night. Do you think he fits in with the nativity scene?

20 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Who has ate all the chocolate Jingles? You are supposed to have one chocolate a day from your advent calendar not all of these chocolate goodies! No more chocolate for Jingles until Santa says so.

19 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Jingles how did you find Santa’s List? Jingles has sneaked into Santa’s office last night to look at Santa’s Naughty & Nice list!! Where do you think Jingles name is? Naughty or Nice?

18 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Jingles has had a fantastic time causing mischief around the Centre for the last 6 evenings, last night was a night to chill out Jingles enjoyed some time relaxing on the massage chairs in preparation for all the hard work helping Santa at Christmas.

17 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Jingles are you missing the North Pole? Jingles was found unwrapping Santa & his sleigh in an attempt to escape back to the North Pole to be returned to Santa!

16 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Jingles heard the Scottish Government update that the Centre is reopening for non-essential retail this Friday at 8AM and all other services & hospitality from 8AM on Saturday. Lots of time to sort your Christmas Shopping in time for the big day. Can you tell Jingles is excited to have all our wonderful customers back visiting the Centre?

15 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS Jingles has tried another means of escape to get home to the North Pole and back to Santa Claus. This time he has set up a sleigh and has tried to get Rudolf to return him home. Do you think he will make it home to the North Pole without Santa’s other 8 reindeers?

14 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Jingles is delighted that our retailers have reopened today. Visiting The Fragrance Shop this morning to pick up Christmas gifts The Centre has reopened 8am – 8pm today – are you like Jingles and have some extra shopping to get done?

13 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Jingles has been stealing cookies from the cookie jar at Sisters Cafe. Are the cookies not supposed to be for Santa on Christmas Eve Jingles? We hope there is plenty left for Santa Hospitality has reopened today for sit in orders opening 8am-6pm daily.

12 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Jingles cannot wait to get back to the North Pole in time for Christmas. He visited Stewart Travel in the hunt for a flight home to prepare for Christmas. Will Jingles eventually make it back to the North Pole for Christmas?

11 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN!! Jingles is feeling at home today in the Forge, chilling at our Christmas photo scene.

10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS . ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR .Jingles was a naughty elf last night and was stopped by our Security Team. See the struggles of Jingles trying to break free to cause more mischief around the Centre.

9 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS. IM DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS. Jingles, Jingles, Jingles what a mess you have made Jingles is dreaming of a white Christmas and the closest he is going to get with our mild weather is decorating the toilets with toilet roll. Who is going to tidy up this mess before the customers get here Jingles?

8 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS. RUDOLF THE RED NOSE REINDEER! Jingles what are you doing to poor Rudolf? Jingles was caught stealing Rudolph’s carrots this morning. We need to keep his strength up so he is able to fly Santa’s sleigh in 8 more days!!

7 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS. ONE MORE WEEK HE KNOWS IF YOU’VE BEEN BAD OR GOOD! Jingles was helping with Santa’s naughty and nice list last night. Look closely at those lists do you think Jingles has been truthful? We think that nice list looks very repetitive Jingles have you been up to no good?

6 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS WE REPEAT, 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Jingles, Jingles, Jingles – who’s gifts are those? Jingles looks very suspicious running away from the tree. We hope they aren’t someone else’s presents Jingles has took from under the tree.

5 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Are you organised with your Christmas Shopping? Jingles has been sitting back and relaxing now his Christmas Shopping is complete. He is now sitting back, eating his popcorn watching everyone else do their shopping.

4 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Jingles how did you manage to get in there? Do you think your a model like the mannequins? Are you hiding to striking a pose?

3 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS. YES 3 MORE SHOPPING DAYS UNTIL THE BIG DAY!! Jingles you cheeky elf, what are you doing to the staff photo wall?  Do you think Paul suits the moustache? Time to get tided up and ready for Christmas.

2 DAYS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS YES 2 MORE SHOPPING DAYS UNTIL THE BIG DAY Jingles have you had a stressful day shopping at The Forge? All set for your return to the North Pole in 2 more days to see Santa himself ,We hope your head isn’t too sore tomorrow .

1 DAY TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS SANTA IS COMING Jingles has his bags packed and is waiting on Santa Claus to pick him up when he is delivering gifts to all you kiddies in Glasgow tonight. One last night spent in Santa’s Grotto. Jingles has had a wonderful time causing mischief in the Forge and cannot wait to return next year!