The Forge Shopping Centre

Customer Service Excellence Week

October 2019

The Forge Shopping Centre celebrated National Customer Service Week. Our week was mainly focused on the recognising and rewarding good customer service.

We presented our CSEI award to the whole team on Tuesday. This is a customer service recognition award, the team achieved a fantastic 94.01% in the recent mystery shop. Showing yearly increased scores due to hard work and commitment. During this time 3 members of staff achieved 100% in their mystery shop and will be additionally recognised this week.

We then have our Forge customer service excellence badges, which 6 of the team have received this week. Customer Excellence badges are rewarded for excellence in action, any team members who have shown commitment to the site have been recognised with this award.

We also have our Extra Mile award for staff who go the extra mile in their jobs daily. This is a new award and 2 of the team have been awarded this along with a £50 gift card for their efforts.

We have been treating our retailers who consistently give out good service to a box of chocolates. This has been split between the team encouraging our security and cleaning team to also hand out their customer service recognition to those retailers who help them achieve their jobs.