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Christmas Eve Blog

December 2021

‘Twas the night before Christmas.. Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting nights of the year as our festive anticipation reaches its peak. (May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve!) December the 24th is a great time to get ahead with some traditional cooking – from finalising your turkey plans to prepping your sauces. But, it’s also time to relax and have fun with your nearest and dearest! Here’s some @forgeshopping #ChristmasEve inspiration and ideas from @josiesmithmedia


Bake for Santa

It wouldn’t be Christmas without leaving a plate of milk and cookies out for Santa. Try this extra-festive version for Christmas, with orange zest, mixed spice and cinnamon – and not forgetting a classic fudgy centre! These cookies have the added bonus of making your house smell fabulous as they bake! Once you’ve finished baking, pop the cookies on this delightfully festive Winnie The Pooh Christmas Serving Plate from George at Asda. (The finishing touch is an ice cold glass of organic milk from Graham’s Dairies – you can pick that up in Asda too!)


Play a Board Game

Head to #forgefavourite Toytown, to select a family board game for Christmas Eve. Bring the whole team together and see how competitive things get! This Star Wars edition of the Monopoly board game is inspired by the The Mandalorian live-action TV series on Disney Plus. This board game @ £25.00, is for kids aged 8 and up and makes a great gift for any Star Wars The Mandalorian fans. It would make a nice addition to a Star Wars fan’s toy collection too. There’s also the TV inspired In For A Penny Game @ £25.00. Now the whole family can play Stephen Mulhern’s smash hit TV gameshow wherever and whenever they like! In the box you will find many of your TV favourites including Pump It Up, Check It Out, Whatever The Weather and the ever-popular Stopwatch Challenge! So, put your loved ones on the spot, grab the stopwatch and get ready for lots of laughter and fun! (For 2 to 6 players | 60 minutes play time | Ages 8 and up)

Emergency Gifts

Suddenly remembered you need one more gift!? Don’t panic! Here @forgeshopping we are open from 8.30am ’til 5pm on Christmas Eve. Pop into Savers and pick up some classic scents like Vera Wang 100ml for £19.99. The Vera Wang women signature fragrance is a golden floral bouquet. The scent begins on a top note of Bulgarian rose, middle note of gardenia, and base of sheer musk’s, white woods and floral nectar. There’s also Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Night 200ml for £43.99 @ Savers. This scent is the secret weapon in the Boss man’s armoury of seduction, instilling him with the same compelling presence that underpins his success by day. A unique composition between elegance and seduction. An intense & spicy scent with a purposeful, edgy, masculine character.


Watch a Special Christmas Movie

Almost every family I know has that one particular Christmas movie that their family just loves. Home Alone, Elf, It’s A Wonderful Life.. From Die Hard to Miracle on 34th Street, there are so many to choose from! A classic Christmas film I watched for the first-time last Christmas, was Irving Berlin’s ‘White Christmas’ which is filled with glorious dancing and lots of snow. This merry and bright holiday musical is a great festive film option. Whatever the perfect movie is for you and yours, get cosy, whip up/out some popcorn, and settle in for your Christmas Eve movie night!

Drink Up

Choose the perfect Christmas tipple to enjoy whilst you wrap presents and prepare for the big day! Bollinger Champagne (Product code: 4237888) was £46.00 and is now £43.00 @ Asda. Bollinger is one of my favourite champagnes and is often said to be the gentleman’s champagne: elegant, reserved, perfectly harmonious, with a great backbone. If fizz doesn’t make you bubbly, why not shake up a round of cocktails instead – citrusy marmalade daiquiris make a fun festive aperitif! Try this citrus rum cocktail with white rum, smooth marmalade and Cointreau liqueur – it’s sweet but packs a punch!

Marmalade Daiquiri Recipe

50ml white rum

15ml orange liqueur (such as Cointreau)

1 tsp shredless marmalade

15ml lime juice

15ml sugar syrup

A few ice cubes

A small slice of orange, halved


Pour the white rum, orange liqueur, marmalade, lime juice, and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes

Close the lid tightly and shake vigorously for 1 minute

Strain the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass, then garnish with a small, halved slice of orange – cheers!