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Back to School

Back to School

The summer holidays may have only just begun but it’s never too early to start getting prepared.

We all know how expensive school uniforms can be so I have been shopping around to find the perfect uniforms for a great price, so you don’t have to.

As there are so many different schools with assorted colour schemes, the items shown below are available in a variety of colours.

For my top picks, first up is Dunnes Stores.

I love this check summer dress and the attention to detail on the collar and zip is beautiful.

1. Summer Dress – £6.50

2. 3 pairs Ruffle Socks – £4.00

3. Patent Shoes – £10.00

1. Pleated Skirt – £3.50

2. Cotton Cardigan – £4.00

3. 2 pack Long Sleeve Blouse – £3.50

1. Slim Leg Trouser – £6.50

2. 2 pack Short Sleeve Shirts – £3.00

3. Cotton Rich Jumper – £5.00

4. 5 pack Comfort Socks – £5.00

5. Sporty Shoe £12.00

Next up are these great buys from Asda.

I love how the heart theme seems to be a popular trend this year.

1. Pinafore – £5.00

2. Blouse – £3.00

3. 3 pairs Super Soft Tights – £5.00

4. Scuff Resistant Shoes – £13.00

How gorgeous are these shoes? The butterfly design carries onto the sole, in a stunning shade of pink.

1. Skinny Leg Trousers – £6.00

2. 2 pack Polo Shirts – £3.00

3. Anti-Bobble Jumper – £3.00

4. Scuff Resistant Shoes – £14.00

This year the Forge Shopping Centre have teamed up with ‘With Kids’ to try make sure that every child’s Back to School is unforgettable.

As you may know, the Forge has done something similar the last few Christmases and I am delighted that they have chosen to try it at another valuable time in every child life.

This should be an exciting time for all children, and they should all be walking through the school doors feeling fabulous.

So, if you can spare a little, please check out their School Drive Board which is located at the Customer Service Desk. There are loads of stars which contain various priced items, simply pick one then hand the items in to the desk by the 4th August.

Each star contains 3 items but even if you can only afford one item from the tag you will still be helping a child.

If you would like to find out some more information on the charity or ways in which you can help just click the link below.

Charity number SC022467

All items shown are available at the Forge Shopping Centre while stocks last.