The Forge Shopping Centre, Glasgow

Child Safe Shopping


The Forge Shopping Centre is a child safe shopping centre and as part of our family facilities, we offer a hotline number to assist parents and guardians in finding children who have been separated from them whilst out shopping. 

Collect your free child safe shopping wrist band from the customer service desk. Please remember to enter your phone number on the wristband.

The child safe scheme is in operation to tackle the frightening moment when a child runs of in a crowd. The scheme ensures that should your youngster wander off or become lost are easily and quickly reunited with their parent or guardian.


If you lose a child whilst shopping:

Stay close to where you last saw the child
Speak directly to our Security team who will help you

Phone our helpline to report your missing child 0141 550 0063


Teach your child to do the following, if they get lost:

Stop, stand still and look, don't run about
If they see the person they were with, go to them and hold their hand
If lost in a shop, go to the nearest till point and talk to the shop staff (Most shop assistants will wear uniforms or name badges)
Do not go up to anyone else and do not leave the shopping centre with a stranger!


The best way to help a lost child:

Encourage children to stay close to you
Use reins or wrist links
Don't leave them in an unsupervised play area
Carry an up to date photograph of your child
Take note of what your child is wearing